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Punishment at the dance academy

We view a Master, a paddle, a cane, and a very unhappy student. A lean, lithe, young blonde is spanked and paddled by her Master, who leaves dark red welts across the expanse of her buttocks and thighs. Then a bare-handed old-fashioned OTK spanking is meted out to a misbehaving brownette, who is also trim and thin, petite, and greatly pained by his treatment. She next is treated to a paddling, a whipping with a cat o nine tails, and a vicious caning. The Master is deliberate, sure of himself, and will brook no misbehavior on the part of his students. He is not to be disobeyed!

Caned to climax disobedient brat 2

A Mistress disciplines a young girl. A young girl learns the taste of various implements on her butt. Her Mistress wields a book and shows the young girl that books are for more than just reading. Then she uses a strap on her. Appparently the infraction the girl committed involved the use of the word Fuck. But the Mistress can use it plenty -- she objects only to the young girl using it. The Mistress uses it and uses it again. The girl is not a young lady even though the Mistress calls her that. She is no lady. She is a tart.

Pool table strokes

A tattooed, muscular man spanks an ethnic looking woman who is spread out on a pool table. When the young woman disrupts her boyfriend and his pool game by rolling and throwing the pool balls, he punishes her - - probably in a spirit of fun - - by cutting off her red thong panties with a knife and then laying her out across the pool table and spanking her. His repeated blows to her blazing butt are followed by caresses to her cunt as he pulls her across his lap. But then, he resumes the disciplining of her, paddling her bare buns once again as she cries out and whimpers. He will not let her go unpunished for disrupting the game of pool. (Besides, he seems to enjoy inflicting discipline on her.)

Traditional college punishment 5

A girl in a miniskirt is the recipient of discipline. A college disciplinarian reddens the buns of a couple of college girls, whose panties are pulled down to expose their now flaming buns. She utlizes both a strap and her bare hands as she gives the two girls a severe tongue lashing as well as the lashes from her strap. When one girl snickers, the disciplinarian wants to know if she is looking to get her punishment NOW. A fine vid to watch if you like to see young girls disciplined and humiliated at the hands of Authority.

Caned to climax disobedient brat 1

A brunette canes the buns of a redhead. The brunette Mistress, a doctor, flogs the redhead and talks to her about her previous beating from a man and how much the redhead enjoyed it. Using a cat o nine tails, the brunette administers plenty of pain and heat, her wrist action deadly as she flails her with tools of discipline. The brunette doctor wants the redhead to get off on the caning. She instructs the redhead to finger herself while she is being caned and urges her to finger her cunt as the doctor continues to rain blows down on her ever redder butt.

Tender love

A young man reddens the buns of a young girl when he uses a stick to whale away at her. In a kitchen, the young man spanks the young girl with his bare hand, who reacts vocally but does not protest as he loudly claps his hand repeatedly on her buns and her thighs. Loud smacks punctuate the cries of the girl as she lies across the knees of the man and he rains spanking blows down on her. She cries and yelps and moans, and her buns blaze fiery red as flame while he persists in spanking her thoroughly.

Punishment podium

Two women and a man each take turns at dishing out a serious barrage of blows on reddened rumps. A brunette delivers a vicious spanking to the thoroughly reddened butt of a young girl. She is totally cruel and denies that she is hurting her. She follows up the spanking with a paddling and a caning, while the young girl squirms in her eagerness to get away from her abuser, but the woman yanks cruelly on the hair of the young girl to keep her from getting away. Two Mistresses spank and cane their reluctant victim while she yelps in pain and tells them to stop...which, of course, they do not. They keep right on whaling away at her.

A sound spanking.

English accents yet again, as usual. Long haired brunette mistress spanking long-haired blonde with black garters. Then the blonde gets hers. Both gals moan and call out in pain, trying to evade hand, paddle and leather strap, but without success. A man joins the group and adds his muscle to the punishment.These two gals get alternately smacked as their butts redden more and more. Finally comes the cane, perhaps the most painful of punishment devices. The two being punished seem to be friends. It is said that true friendship is demonstrated by going through trials together. This friendship will surely be put to the test.

Young secretary screws up.

pretty girls and pretty asses. Not sure which I prefer to watch. This man enjoys his work. He is just warming up with his hand as he turns her butt pink. Next the black dressed assistant lays the paddle on the girls ass. She jumps in pain as girl on girl paddling gets serious. That’s enough is one girls opinion. The man comes back and uses the cane as he abuses her verbally to accompany the caning he delivers. Thats enough please she cries. This is an English company. Miss Charles has earned her punishment. She thinks punishment is interesting and seems to be looking forward to it. First the hand otk. He stings her, then has sher fetch the paddle, her next instrument of punishment while he strokes her reddening butt. She needs to keep her job so she must submit.

English schoolgirls never seem to learn

So often these English girls and their school mistresses end up this way. Laying hands on bare bottoms with the victims over their knees. She wont do it again, whatever it is. Enough, enough she claims. I don’t think so. Now comes the paddle. That hurts even more. Trust me.She takes the paddle well even as her butt cheeks turn red. Mistress really enjoys this. She threatens to bring the cane. I think mistress is really enjoying this. The cane does come out after all and mistress doesn’t spare her. She swats HARD, marking the schoolgirl. Panties are off and the stripes continue. Hard ones.

This is not play. this hurts!

First slapping her panty-clad butt with his hands. Then he makes her count while the leather wrapped stick marks her ass with nice welts. Inside her thighs with her naked pussy exposed, he slaps her, then toys with her pussy and slaps it. Again to her ass with a cane. These really sting. And they leave stripes.He turns her cheeks quite red while he strikes her repeatedly with one of his instruments, perfectly designed to redden and cause pain. Her thighs are not neglected. He shows only a little mercy and her pain is clearly real He enjoys displaying her pussy to the camera and no doubt has access if he wishes. Other instruments are used, all for your pleasure.

Red ball gag and ties

The black hood will keep her from seeing as she is punished. Now tied to where she can just move slightly, the red-ball-gag keeping her from speaking. She does try to speak as the mistress towels off her tits, the mistresses own nipples showing themselves. She grows weary while anticipating the pain that is yet to come.This slut knows she well deserves the torture and humiliation she will soon receive. She makes too much noise and is admonished by her leather clad tormentor who puts her through her paces. She can do nothing right, naturally, but continues to try to obey. What blows will be rained down on those pert breasts?

Caning is the name of this game

As you may know, the cane stings. This blonde victim takes it very well while her dark-haired mistress delivers numerous strokes. Two others are to be punished as well. They bare their bottoms to their English mistress and gasp as the stick is brought to bear. We can see the flesh jump and hear the girl moan as the cane leaves stripes across her bare bottom. The other two girls have their backs turned, not permitted to watch, although they do sneak a peek. The mistress enjoys playing with her sweet ass, and we imagine that she will use her power to eat some pussy and have hers eaten as well.

Mutual agreement

A bespectacled fellow takes out after a girl in little clothing who is ready but not willing to get spanked. He wants to discipline her, and he does, in every way he knows how. A perfect British gentleman canes his young lady friend to show her what discipline should be and how it is effected. Dont you ever think of doing the same to your girlfriend ... or any girl you know ... or have known? Come on. Fess up, now. Would you not love to do the same to your lady friend? Your girlfriend? Maybe even your female boss? Watch and take notes! This is how you do it. Guys? Notepads? Ready! And then ... flail away!

Some serious stripes

This starts out tame, a little playful slapping over her skirt. But clothes come off and girl number 2 starts to feel the otk slaps of her spanker. Now the cat-o-nine-tails is brought to bear on the exotic young lady of color who first delivered the gentle spanking. He spares no pain as he brings the cat briskly to her bottom. The cane makes her wince. Down come the blondes knickers and she takes the riding crop on her naked butt, turning it bright mottled red. She is naked and people looking at her tits is the least of her problems. Each is made to count out loud as the cane rains blows upon those cheeks.

Red hair and red butt.

Flaming redhead takes otk bare hand spanking from young brunette dominatrix with patterned nylons. She seems to want to be spanked even when repeated blows turn her backside red. The mistress cops a feel as well, then goes to the riding crop for extra color. Thighs are not spared as the strap makes her bounce in pain, so much so that her pinched nipples pop out to add to the visuals we have of her tattoos. A naughty girl indeed, well deserving of her punishment. The broad strap laid across her butt strays to her naked pussy, most likely by design. Her punisher makes her finger herself while receiving repeated hand slaps and nails grazing over her butt cheeks. She is ordered to finger her clit as the cane is brought to bear. Mistress lets her come. Wow!

Three for one

This English chap is having trouble with daughters and wife. Too much spending, back-sassing. One of the daughters encourages daddy to give her sister a good spanking, but daddy tells her that she has been naughty, too and that she will be getting hers straight away if she isnt careful. His otk hand spanking does seem quite effective, but when the cane comes out watch out! The usual reddening butt, but the English accent just adds an exotic flavor to the scene. The brunette is darned cute as she protests loudly, and her sister sits by. Blondie is next and she is made to bend over while the cane is applied. Solid fun.

Three naughty girls

Panty-clad bottom whacked otk. The strap is next She really feels the pain and lets us know it. The panties come down to reveal a pinkening butt. But now it will be smacked without the slight protection of her knickers.The other two get theirs as well and the master shows no mercy with the cane. The brunette is made to touch her toes as the cane rains down blows on her naked ass. He compares the two already caned girls to see that no one gets preferential treatment. The girls standing in the corner are happy their time is passed and their friend is up now.

Two girls punished by two men and each other.

Two girls suspected of theft. Man begins a bare bottom spanking while other watches. Now it is the second girls turn, and a second man lays it on with his hands on her naked butt. She calls out in pain and humiliation as the blows continue to rain down on her bareness. A paddle emerges.Now one of the gals is made to spank her friend, then it is turnabout as spanker becomes spankee. The cane is applied, and as you know if you have ever felt a cane across your bare butt, it hurts. We catch a glimpse of pussy as she bounces in pain and distress.

Schoolmarm and two english students.

Serious otk spanking by blonde schoolmistress on helpless victims butt. Afterwards comes the paddle with our vic leaning over a table. This woman really loves her work and lays into the butt with gusto. She enjoys playing with that young butt as well as smacking it.. Just when we think we have seen enough, in comes another to be punished. This tough official now lays the cane on the second naughty schoolgirl and shows how well she enjoys it. When it is time for the cane, she uses two together and makes both naughty girls jump and call out. They wont soon repeat their infractions!

Three blondes playing with each other

Always hot to see a woman spanking another. Here we have three blondes practicing the art of turning each others butts red. I would say they have a shot at making it as professionals. Hands, of course, are easier than rubber paddles, but they spare each other neither. Red butts abound and then the cane comes out. Some think the cane is the worst form of punishment, even more painful than the whip or the cat. Thats what some of the girls tell us, anyway. This group is more playful. They do lay it on each other, but are not being cruel. Still, the open palm of a blonde chick on another moves me. You understand.

Man on girl, then girl on girl

This man is wearing robes, judge-like. Knickers don’t really protect you from pain. These girls are smokers and the spanker gives them a lesson about that. Now he leaves and two of the girls depant the third and begin spanking her on their own. She must have been the instigator whose idea it was to smoke in school. Back to the bare hand, but for how long. He does seem to enjoy the direct contact, skin on skin. Down come the knickers and bare ass is exposed. The riding crop is really smartly applied by Allison onto her fellow student. She hits at least as hard as he does, perhaps harder. The cane follows. I guess when you get caught you wish to punish the one who got you in trouble. This one is hot.

Piercings are for naughty girls

7. Leaning on a pool table she takes hard hand slaps to her naked butt. She moans softly as he slaps her repeatedly. Now he sits on the table with her over his lap, then spreads her out giving us a good view of her pussy, turns her upside down and continues his hand whacking. Hairbrush, paddle and cane will follow and we see her nipple is pierced, as are those of most naughty girls. Almost like they have a naughty girls club and they must all get pierced. Not to mention their big tattoos. It is almost as if getting pierced invites getting spanked.

His arm must be getting tired!

Blue-haired college student takes it from the disciplinarian, first bare handed, but then he whacks her really hard with the strap, moving down to the thighs. He loves to feel her ass and smack it with his hands while her exposed pussy winks at him. Blue-haired angel is sent out to bring her schoolmate who also takes the strap. This fellow gives no quarter. He lays into both these deserving students. He loves his job, obviously, and who wouldnt. He wants them to beg him to stop and how can they not? Looks like her legs are tattooed to simulate stockings. Nice touch.

Two tattooed lesbians, or bi. who can say?

Starts out tame like most vids. Redheaded punisher slapping the bare cheeks of her victim. Both are well-tattooed and seem to be lesbians, or at least bi. The redhead reaches between her victim’s legs as she spanks her and plays with her pussy, then slaps it lightly. They both seem to be enjoying this pussy play. I think they are just doing the spanking for us and cant wait to get each in bed when it is over. Hand spanking is not often enough and her pussy takes slaps as well. The victim has a full back tattoo which adds to her naughty profile. Redhead does seem to enjoy stroking her ass and digging her nails into it even as she uses the strap. Cant tell if she enjoys whipping or fingering her victims pussy more! I would LOVE To see these two after shooting is over.

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